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See below the carbon emissions created from Wikipedia users loading the homepage, and the methods to improve their website's sustainability.

Recommendations Compare
0.2 Megabytes
Resources Per Load (mb)
0.4 Tonnes
C02e Emissions per Million Users
4.9 Billion
Monthly Users (Billion)
$1.57 Dollars
Carbon Offset $ (Per Mill. Users)

* The value of Wikipedia carbon offsets is estimated by per million users (see our summary methodology), with an expected 50% reduction in emissions, costed at the market rate of $7.87 per ton C02e

Key Websites Compared

How much more emissions do websites emit than the average?

For comparision, how much (%) more do websites emit in C02e than the mean average website homepage at 8.3mb?

More Statistic

Digital Emission Reduction Essentials

What key factors are involved when reducing your website C02e emissions?

Image Sizing

Image compression, sizing and filetypes can vary emissions extensively, and if not managed then images can cause enormous load rate emissions

Eco Hosting

Without realising it, your hosting is more than likely not using renewable energy sources, and as such your website is powered potentially solely by fossil fuels

Lean Code

Heavy codesets are a route cause to a lot of unnecessary load rates, and as such these can spiral your digital emissions if left unmanaged

Third Party Tracking

Website tracking codes are a hidden aspect of website load rates that cause an undue amount of serious third party emissions, and therefore need managed improvements via CDMs

Recommended Tools

Here are some tools to extensively allow you to reduce digital C02e emissions

Third Party Tracking

Tag Management Solutions (TMS)


Most Effective

Image Compression

Digital Asset Management (DAM)


Website Frameworks

Content Mannagement Systems (CMS)


Digital Carbon Offsets

Here are our recommended carbon offset providers, should you wish to offset your remaining digital C02e emissions

Green Web Hosting

Here are a range of hosting providers that are run from renewables



Virtual Private Servers

Top Questions

Your top questions answered:

We work with a large array of tools, consultants, and developers to perform reductions in your website emissions. For some websites - it is merely a few basic changes to reduce website load times and therefore emissions, but for others it can mean entirely replatforming what they have, sadly.

It is best to start by utilising both lab based and in-field online tools that can analyse your website for speed and performance. From there you will be able to understand what is needed to your reduce website load times and therefore website emissions. It is always best to consult with an expert on this.

We have a wide number of voluntary and paid roles to assist Green Clicks in measuring, and tackling online emissions from the largest emitters online. Get in touch to find out more.

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