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Join our collaborations to eliminate all digital C02 emissions

Digital Emissions

Our digital lives create more C02 than the whole aviation industry, and now is the time to act. Green Clicks are on a mission eliminate digital emissions, and so far we've overseen 358 million tonnes of offset/reduced C02 emissions. Our subscriptions offers digital citizens and companies the chance to offset their specialist digital emissions with more accuracy, impact, and reassurance.

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Product Offset

Medium Website

3.2t+ C02 Annually

Product Offset

Web Server

3.3t+ C02 Annually

Product Offset

Social Media Use

305kg+ C02 Annually

Calculating Digital Emissions

The average internet user spends 25 hours a week online, this creates around 364kg of CO2 per year, and can be ethically offset using Green Clicks. Equally, if you run a website then you can calculate your website visitor emissions with the below calculator. See our new video conference emissions calculator too.

* Methodology: Digital emissions are measured per megabyte using the ACEEE findings of 5kWh utilisation per gigabyte, alongside EIA guidance of 0.4490564kg of CO2 emissions per KWh

Our Mission

We aim to offset the full 1.7 Billion tonnes of CO2 that global internet use creates each year.



Our belief is to go way beyond one single method to offset or reduction in emissions. We therefore provide, accredit, promote & fund multiple carbon offset and emission reduction methods, verified by seriously neat third parties such as the WWF's Gold Standard, Quality Assurance Standards (QAS), The Woodland Carbon Code (in the UK), or Verified Carbon Standards (VCS).

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As reductions in digital emissions grow, so too do the accreditations that Green Clicks register as being offset or reduced. This is monitored continually to measure the progress globally of reducing digital carbon emission. See our own latest carbon offset certification here: IHS Markit CCBS - Gold Level.