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Reducing Digital C02e Emissions

Together, lets Reduce Digital C02e

We help the digital industry improve their sustainability.

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Who We Are.

Our digital lives create more C02e than the whole aviation industry put together (Source: Lancaster University), and now is the time to act.

Green Clicks is the internet's early warning 🔔 system, helping major websites and apps to dramatically reduce their digital emissions through research, insights, and advice.

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Our Offering

We aim to dramatically reduce the 1.7 Billion tonnes of C02e that global internet use creates each year.


We analyse the digital emissions of websites right across the world


Our team collaborates with the tooling to help reduce digital emissions


The differences in emissions are tracked and made available as digital insets

Our Ethics

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    We aim with all our work to create permanent emission reductions.

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    Our mission is to look widely at all opportunities to reduce digital emissions

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    The work we do will always be transparent, and able to be independently verified

Example Emissions

We continually monitor and measure online emissions to map the progress globally of reducing digital carbon emissions.

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Web Server

(Estimated Guide)

3.3t+ C02e Annually

Guide to Reducing Server Emissions

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Social Media Use

(Estimated Guide)

305kg+ C02e Annually

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Large Online Conference

(Estimated Guide)

2.4T+ C02e

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Medium Website

(Estimated Guide)

3.2t+ C02e Annually

Example Research Findings

Our team continually monitor and measure consumer online emissions from energy usage when downloading data from the top websites online. This is to raise awareness of the biggest website/digital emitters, in order to progress global reductions of digital C02e emissions.

Get in touch if you would like to access the full dataset.

Image description
Sample Top Website Homepages Online
Monthly Average Visitors
Estimated Tonnes of C02e Per Million Homepage Users
Homepage User Resource Downloads Per Load (MB)
Dollar Offset Value Per Million Users (With 50% Emissions Reduction At $7.87 Per Ton)
8.2 Million
71 Tonnes C02e
89.8 Million
71 Tonnes C02e
117.3 Million
68 Tonnes C02e
24.5 Million
68 Tonnes C02e
21.3 Million
58 Tonnes C02e
11.4 Million
55 Tonnes C02e
12 Million
52 Tonnes C02e
68.4 Million
50 Tonnes C02e
53.3 Million
48 Tonnes C02e
474 Million
45 Tonnes C02e
38.2 Million
45 Tonnes C02e
1.1 Billion
38 Tonnes C02e
480.4 Million
37 Tonnes C02e
3.2 Billion
36 Tonnes C02e
2.2 Billion
36 Tonnes C02e
573 Million
35 Tonnes C02e
24 Million
34 Tonnes C02e
127.9 Million
33 Tonnes C02e
379.7 Million
31 Tonnes C02e
159.4 Million
29 Tonnes C02e
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Methodology: User digital emissions have been measured per megabyte using the ACEEE findings of 5kWh utilisation per gigabyte of data, alongside EIA guidance of 0.38782148kg (0.855 Pounds) C02e emissions per KWh (focusing on US citizens only). For fairness - infinite scroll websites have all been capped to a sequence of three scrolls, cookies accepted, and no platforms are logged into for this dataset above, or any previous caching. Related device energy usage is not included (i.e. the electricity used to power a screen, or company server external to the user). All resource loads were collected (uncompressed) using DevTools

Top Questions

Your top questions answered:

We work with a large array of tools, consultants, and developers to perform reductions in your website emissions. For some websites - it is merely a few basic changes to reduce website load times and therefore emissions, but for others it can mean entirely replatforming what they have, sadly - not forgetting the efforts needed to reduce server emissions.

It is best to start by utilising both lab based and in-field online tools that can analyse your website for speed and performance. From there you will be able to understand what is needed to your reduce website load times and therefore website emissions. It is always best to consult with an expert on this.

We have a wide number of voluntary and paid roles to assist Green Clicks in measuring, and tackling online emissions from the largest emitters online. Get in touch to find out more.

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