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Medium Website Carbon Offsets were born out of the realisation that our online, digital actions are not innocent - they burn fossil fuels too. Thankfully though our digital carbon footprint can be fairly easily calculated through website analytics, and then ethically offset with a Green Clicks subscription.

Medium Website C02: 3.2 Tonnes Per Year Estimated Online Hours To Offset: 13,125 Per Year


Every Purchase from Green Clicks receives full certification of the carbon offset allocation. This is estimated and sold in kilograms or tonnes. From thereon you will immediately be offsetting a part of your overall digital CO2 footprint.

The management of your carbon offset then begins with Green Clicks. On your behalf we implement, invest and manage digital carbon offsets with our beneficiaries. This is so that we can provide the most permanent and meaningful combination of carbon offsetting methods - that do the best job to keep up with your digital CO2 footprint. Regular updates about the work that your offsets achieve are provided. This is to ensure that you are at the centre of our digital carbon offset mission.

Our Mission

Our global internet usage exceeds that of the whole aviation industry (source: Oxford University, ATAG). Green Clicks subscriptions are calculated by factoring in the energy that is used when interacting with digital experiences (the equivalent of 440mb per 1kg of emissions, or typically 0.005 KWh per megabyte - source: ACEEE, at 0.4490564kg of CO2 emissions per KWh - source: EIA). Servers, computers, smartphones and routers all require energy (and water to cool servers), so by subscribing to Green Clicks you are doing your bit to reduce the impact that all of our digital lives have on the climate.

Green Click's mission is to entirely offset the worlds digital carbon footprint, and that means aiming big - and by big we mean the full 1.7 Billion tonnes of carbon that is created by digital use globally (source: BBC, 2020).


No one describes why our mission is so important better than the conservation scientist, Professor Julia Jones of Bangor University: "Carbon offsets are essential. I find it hard to envisage a future where rainforests (like in Madagascar) continue to exist and provide a habitat for species that so many of us care about without some kind of carbon finance in the long term."

What Are Digital Carbon Offsets?

Digital Carbon Offsets is a type of offset that compensates for the carbon footprint of our digital lives, otherwise more simply seen as a way to mitigate the damage that our digital lives do through the use of energy to fuel our online habits. Whether that be by burning coal, gas or biofuels which result in the release of CO2 into the atmosphere and therefore speeding up the rate of climate change.

Our Ethics

Green Clicks work with a selection of well picked independently verified carbon offset projects. We are passionate about not taking single monosyllabic solutions. Rather, we aim to make sure that the digital carbon offsets that we fund do many good things: like protect rainforests, rebuild forests with a many more biodiverse tree varieties used and therefore the creation of further habitats, as well as preventing damaging gases far worse than C02 from ever escaping into the atmosphere - such as Methane or Nitrous Oxide.

Green Clicks also want to offset all of our digital habits by promoting farming practices that prevent soil degradation, and therefore reduce the need to deforest for better land and soil to grow crops. We want to eventually also help to provide incentives for large digital based public solar projects in order to reduce our global digital community's use of coal and gas energy e.g. switch out the power for Wikipedia or Google servers.


All carbon offsets that are purchased through Green Clicks reach an accredited Carbon Offset project. Whether that's a verification from the WWF's Gold Standard, or through partners that pass Quality Assurance Standards (QAS), The Woodland Carbon Code in the UK, or are approved for Verified Carbon Standards (VCS).

What do all these accreditations mean though?! They mean permanence of your investment with Green Clicks, a guaranteed volume of carbon sequestration per year, and annual auditing of projects with further verifications of these projects per year.


How does it work? Green Clicks annually invest in four accredited carbon offsets such as the WWF Gold Standard (see below). We then offer this as a combined carbon offset that is purchased by Green Click subscribers.

Stand For Trees Preventing Deforestation
Tradewater Hazardous Gas Prevention
Cool Effect Community Tree Planting
Gold Standard (WWF) Renewable Energy